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About me and using 1, 2 or 3 needles and a looper

Hi! My name is Hilde and I am passionate about Coverstitching. There is just this gut-thing between me and those multi threaded loops. I guess my real passion started with “The mystery of the skipped stitch”. After a year of frustration and teeth grinding, I decided to take a Cluedo approach to Coverstitching: “Was it Colonel Mustard in the sewing room who released the looper tension?“ LOL

Since then I think I have unravelled some Coverstitching mysteries but definitely not all of them. While I keep busy looking for clues, feel free to click around and take what you like from what I share. If you get tired of looking and reading, just click the arrow in the side bar on the right which will take you back to the beginning and the table of contents.

Would you like to comment, ask about one of your own mysteries or just talk about Coverstitching? Please join us at

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